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Sterling falls as hung parliament becomes a reality

Updated June 10th 2017

Sterling ended the day (June 9, 2017) on $1.274, and €1.138 against the US dollar and euro respectively. Sterling had fallen by around 2% as news of a likely hung parliament filtered through. As the result became clear the pound slipped to $1.267 against the US dollar, and to €1.133 against the euro.

Sterling had previously risen to €1.1522 against the euro and to $1.2972  against the US dollar on the eve of the UK's general election, as markets anticipated a Conservative majority. This followed a period of sterling weakness towards the end of May, as opinion polls showed a considerable narrowing of the gap between the two main parties, raising the prospect of a 'hung' parliament. Sterling has now made-up some of its recent lost ground since it rose above $1.30 mark in early May. At that point, sterling's gains were put down to a weakening dollar.

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Sterling up following election announcement

Sterling rose to €1.193 against the euro, and to $1.277 against the US dollar on news that the UK government is to call a snap election, to be held on June 8th. Gains for sterling continued throughout the day, settling at $1.285 by midday (April 19th, 2017).

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