Euro-dollar rate


House price latest

House prices up by 5.2% in year to December 2017.

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Model agencies collude to fix rates

Regulators find leading model agencies guilty of price fixing.

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Euro-dollar rate

The US dollar hit a 9 year high against other major currencies amid speculation that real interest rates in the US will rise relative to the Euro, the world’s second most important currency, as the ECB is likely to launch a round asset purchasing leading to quantitative easing.  Indeed, the Euro itself hit a 9 year low, dipping under $1.20, at $1.194. Markets are concerned that the outlook for the Eurozone looks poor, with worries of a possible Greek exit - which now seems supported by Angela Merkel. At the same time it is expected that the US Federal Reserve will raise rates.

Sources: FT.Com; Bloomberg

Alternative finance

Report on the growth of alternative finance.

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Inflation latest

CPI inflation falls to 2.7%. 

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Customs unions

Costs and benefits of customs unions.

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New materials

Multiple choice papers for Paper Three.

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Brexit update

Article 50

Mrs May's Florence speech.

What trading options are available to the UK?

Savings ratio

Savings ratio falls to lowest level on record.

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Tax avoidance

Double Irish - and a Dutch Sandwich more..

The OECD presents its final package for reform of international tax rules..more

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